Daily Accomplishments - 41.5

I'm thinking about starting a daily work section of the blog. Other people on this site have done this (you'll notice it if you look around listed.to, there are some great blogs here) and I think it is a pretty good idea. I think it would look something like this:

What I did today

Worked on $project

  • project task one
  • project task two

Spent time learning $thing

  • time spent/resources used

Uncategorized goals/tasks

  • spent x minutes on community building during quarantine

Other activities of note

  • practiced $sport for x minutes
  • spent time with family

As I begin to allot time for seriously working on personal projects, I think this would be a nice addition to my daily writing.

I do have some reservations, though:

  • I might end up taking away from my writing
  • It might become burdensome/time-consuming
  • It might be too personally identifiable

These three things will need to be addressed before I can implement any of this. Hopefully I'll be able to find an elegant solution.

Until tomorrow.


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