Focus Mode - 41

It turns out that I can work significantly faster than I realized.

Work that would have taken me potentially four hours under normal circumstances took me two earlier today, and all I needed to do was focus. Putting my phone onto Do Not Disturb, with a special timer app that penalizes me for exiting, and buckling down for 1h 50m was enough to finish more than I expected.

I'm excited. If I work at this rate for 45 minutes per night, what could I get done? An hour? Two? If I am focused on a goal with my full attention, 7 hours per week, I want to find out how far I can get.

I also noticed that I generated a lot of ideas - 3 full post-its to be exact - when I forced myself to write them for later use, instead of going on temporary diversions to pursue them. Focusing like this is a win-win for me; I get more done, generate more ideas, and spend less time working on things I don't enjoy.

Things are coming together. A lot of my free time is going toward making new systems to keep myself organized and more habitual(?). I'm hoping that things will be very different for me by next week. That said, my blog here is full of unfulfilled writing promises so whether I'll explain any further may be a mystery.


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