Good Compounds - 53

(short post tonight; I have two exams tomorrow and need to get to bed.)

I had a conversation with my father tonight about how best to improve the world if you are in a position of wealth. An idea that I stumbled upon that I find interesting is that good compounds like interest - good done now will usually continue to ripple through time and cause more good to happen in the future, and those ripples increase based on the scale of the good.

For example, building roads in underprivileged communities will make trade easier. This is good in itself, but the results of the results of the good done will be even better: more trade will mean more wealth and prosperity for the community, better education, less poverty - the small act of building roads has now gained 'interest' and become something much greater than just new roads.

Thus, good done now is worth more than good done later. I don't have time to explore this idea fully, but this is definitely something I will need to continue on. I think this could seriously impact my personal philosophy.

Let's get going on good, shall we?


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