Interesting things, February 2020 edition

I like to keep track of the random things that I find interesting right now; these are often transient, but it's neat to have a record.

White Bat by He Is Legend

White Bat album cover

I'm a little bit obsessed with this album. I've listened to it more or less non stop since November.

Some highlights, in my opinion, are "Eye Teeth" and "Boogiewoman". The whole album is aggressive and punchy and has groove and is well written.

Tahuya ORV Park

I stumbled on an ORV park while out riding on President's Day. It's a giant pile of ATV trails with the occasional single track. Fantastic riding, I can't wait to go back.

Breath of the Wild speedrunning

I stumbled upon an "All Main Quests" run of Breath of the Wild. It was fascinating, if only because of the skill required.


Some interesting eats recently:

  • A ham and swiss sandwich with arugula and avocado; really super tasty, the avocado nicely offsets the bitterness of the arugula
  • MSM Deli's Italian Cold Cut; it's huge, it's delicious, it's MSM
  • Rachel Ray's Chicken Chipotle Chili; my mom turned me on to this. It's amazing and reheats really well.

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