Note 4

Well I've narrowed down my college transfer list to three schools: UChicago, Northwestern, and Harvard. Kind of a bare list but the only other two schools Rice and Stanford, I feel, are just too far for me. I don't want to have this feeling of just being lost and too far from home. I don't really know what I want out of school but god if this dumb cognitive science class doesn't do it for me. Like, after the first week of this class I realized that I need to learn something technical. I need to learn applicable skills that are more tangible and are hands on. Theory sucks, application rules. I needn't say more. It feels really nice to just voice my thoughts here once in a while when it feels like everything else just feels overwhelming like this dumb math problem that just seems impossible. Like I've put it into calculators and everything but noooo, the answer is still fking wrong like what the hell. But yeah, those are the three schools I think I'd be okay with going to. This school is much too big. Even though it's in such a warm climate, the school itself is very cold. They pride themselves on being academically driven but the teaching style is terrible. But I have to succeed if I want to transfer. So what else is there to do but try (and succeed)? Oh, and I did a little more coding since last time and I think it's fun but for some reason I can't find more motivation to continue. I'll have to keep pushing forward. Here's to another week or so till the next post :)

p.s. the khai dreams spotify radio slaps

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