Note 10

It has been exactly one whole month since my last post. That's certainly quite some time, and a lot has happened in the span of a month. I've really progressed in my coding adventures and i got a part time job for a discord server which is really cool. My stock program is pretty close to done, just have to work on removing data after there's enough points. Personally, i've found that I still have a lot of growing up to do especially in terms of managing my time. I really just want to be a degenerate and do nothing but watch/play video games. But, especially with this part time role, I have way more push to learn and improve my coding skills. It'll definitely help out my transfer application. It just sucks since that part of my brain that just wants to do nothing is so large that it just takes over sometimes. Unfortunate, but can't really do anything about it except to keep trying to focus on my goals and whether what I'm doing will help out. Adulting is tough. I'll probably write more this month since winter break is coming up soon, and I'll probably start college essays and finalize my list.

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