Blessed Immigrant

My first few years as an immigrant were tough, even though I had way many more advantages that many immigrants. That gives me a lot of empathy for all immigrants, anywhere, regardless of their status, but particularly for undocumented immigrants and refugees who have it tougher than any other immigrant.
My life and mental wellbeing have improved significantly, to the point where I take the things I'm blessed with for granted: I have a lovely family, I own my house, and I have a great job and a stable situation.
Today I took a taxi from the airport. I was coming back from a business trip. The driver was a refugee from Palestine. He's here on his own, his case is still being decided (even after five years in the U.S.), and he dropped out of journalism school to come here, trying to build a better life for himself.
I sure hope he finds happiness. I hope people in the Middle East find happiness and harmony between peoples.

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