We are all able to speak to God. Art is one of the laguages we use to communicate with God. Art is one of the ways in which God communicates with us. It's a two way street.

Oh, and by God I don't mean a old, white dude in a white robe. It's a side effect of the widespread acceptance of the Eurocentric version of Christianity that I need to clarify what God I'm talking about. This is a God with no face and a million faces. This is the God that lives inside each of us, a God with no church, a God of all the churches and all the peoples. We can call it God, or Consciousness, or in many other ways.

Although Consciousness is democratic, not all of us have cleared the channels to communicate with It. The most important step to talk to the Muse/God/Consciousness is to try again and again. Write daily, paint daily, dance daily.

Easy, no?

PS Don't get too concerned about the results.

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