Artificial Intelligence Is Not Coming For Your Job

Capitalism is coming for your job.

Debates about where AI is going and where our society is going are framed as if we were spectators and not creators. Not a coincidence, since we've been socialized and brain-washed as consumers since we were kids. Where our society is going is not inevitable. Our job is not to find mitigation mechanisms, but to decide collectively where we want to go. The steering wheel will not be handed to us, we'll have to fight for it.

So, where do we want to go? Now, under capitalism we optimize for capital. The question today is, what is the solution that increases profitability? AI is just one of the factors that puts ours jobs at risk. Another factor is the people in countries where a much smaller wage is acceptable. An English-speaking person in India is a bigger threat to your job today than AI. When AI becomes cheaper than the person in India, that will be the threat. There's nothing special or magical about AI. AI does not make decisions, people in power make the decisions and under capitalism is capital and not the well-being of the people what is maximized.

Until we really get fed up and decide to create a society where we put people first, our jobs will be in peril, not because of technology, but because of greed.

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