The Path to Self-Destruction is Easy

Destruction is easy. Working with entropy is easy, it's the downward flow, you just let yourself go. Destroying yourself takes one second. A life of building something requires years of discipline, even just to keep yourself alive. Bemoaning that things don't go your way is old, it's easy, it's been done a million times. Self-actualization may seem an act of self-centeredness but it's the opposite. Is the recognition that we didn't come here to indulge in our basest desires, it's the recognition that this is not our game and it's not played by our rules. As you go up the pyramid, gravity increases, risk increases, the challenges increase. Those are just the rules, it's been like that since before you were born, since before world was, thinking that you can do your will is foolish and the first step in self-destruction, the first step to destroy your merits. Destruction is easy, self-indulgence is easy. You don't impress me. You may impress the people who don't understand what the rules of the game are, the impressionable ones, the ones who think someone ballsy enough, powerful enough can bend the rules and live to tell the tale. Only the dead survive, it is only by dying that we are born in our truest selves. You can spend your energy kicking and screaming or you can build something where thieves do not break and steal, where moth and vermin do not destroy. Choose dust or choose the light, but do is quietly–or not, nobody will be there to clap anyways, this is not your show, understand this once and for all. Your theatrics make us yawn, worse, we don't even care, we're too busy trying to climb up our own mountain of shit, our mountain of diamond-strong ego. My ego doesn't even let me see your shit medal, too bad. Get off your high horse and start shoveling manure before it gets dark, we're all workers here, man, I haven't seen the manager in ages. You think you have the copyright on suffering? You've trademarked tears? You'll always get another chance, but why fuck things up for yourself? Why make it harder than it already is? Work today, leave self-pity for another day. Work today, just for today man. Now, now is the time to work.

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