Note 28

How I'm increasing my productivity.

  • First of all, I'm recognizing that I have a problem. It looks obvious to me now, but for two years I thought I was being smart. The problem is this: I am mortgaging my future in order to pay for short term self-indulgence.

  • My solution

    • Track focused work
    • Focused means no distractions
    • Focused means meaningful: work directly related to my top priority projects
    • Focused means it has a clear objective: a concrete result (blog post, song, etc.), or builds up my skills
    • Pare down the number of priority projects
    • Measure time spent on focused work
    • Increase time spent on focused work weekly
    • Remind myself of why you are doing this and what keeps you trapped in low-value activities
    • Avoiding pain/discomfort
    • Seeking to maximize comfort for myself
    • Focusing on short term results/satisfaction
    • Looking for ROI (effort/results) beyond what's reasonable
    • Remind myself of my triumphs, no everything has gone down the drain

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