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Advice to young people: don't listen to older people when it comes to climate change. The older a person is, the less you should listen to them. Some of them act in bad faith, but most don't. It's just that older people can't see what you see. They can't see the urgency. It just is what it is.

If you listen, they'll lure you into a compromise and the time for compromises is long gone. They are not evil, they are just blind to how high the stakes are. And you almost can't blame them—the stakes are so high that most of us need all the strength of our beings to see them. Strength to overcome the fear, strength to overcome the complacency, strength to overcome the inertia.

Each day that we let pass without decisive action is a day in which we let another door to the future of our civilization and our companion species shut.

Don't listen to us, listen to the fire in you, to the love in you.

There are, of course, exceptions—so choose wisely. In the end, it will be better not to listen to the elder who was right, than listening to the elder who was wrong. There is a lot of truth within your hearts, this is the moment to learn to listen to it.

Just remember, I'm talking exclusively about climate change. Don't listen to us when it comes about taking decisive action regarding climate change. Since the adults (governments and scientists) started gathering to talk about climate change in 1989, emissions have increased 40 percent.

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