A wedding is a day that almost every girl dreams of since childhood. And, of course, everything is perfect in dreams! However, harsh reality can make its own adjustments and anxiety, irritation and fatigue will come to the place of unlimited happiness.

Мain secret of comfort on the wedding day is the work of the organizer and coordinator. Do not think about the timely delivery of the cake, do not worry about the sound check of the group, do not hold a constantly ringing mobile phone. Such tasks and many others should not be your concern. This is work, work for professionals, and your most important task is to enjoy a unique event!

It’s worth thinking not only about your comfort. The guests and the team that works with you on this day also deserve this. After all, the mood of celebration and memories in many respects depend on them. Try to avoid long walks in the park on a hot day. Do not forget water and some kind of snack.

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