Wedding Flowers

Fresh flowers are a frequent guest on holidays. Throughout history, it was flowers that adorned celebrations and gave them special pomposity. Weddings are no exception. To this day, flower arrangements take pride of place in the banquet hall and take up a significant part of the budget.

Flowers are a seasonal product! There are varieties that bloom in winter, there are those that bloom only in summer. Our mothers had no choice what they managed to get - that was the decoration of the hall. Today, in the age of technological progress and a huge leap in the agricultural sector, on any day of the year you can buy absolutely any flower. The only question is the delivery time, cost and quality.

The fact is that even in the Netherlands they have learned to artificially grow all flower varieties, but they can not compete with seasonal buds. And to create exactly the same climate that a flower needs is just as problematic. That is why it is possible to get the desired variety, however, you need to be prepared that it will differ from the "natural" counterparts. In addition, it is worth preparing a considerable amount to pay for transport costs and expenses for the maintenance of flower farms.

That is why a florist cannot guarantee you the shade of a particular flower. This is a product that depends on many factors. If you saw black roses in the Instagram photo, this does not mean that such exist. Remember that in our time everything can be photographed. Do not make a scandal if at the base of the petals the color of the roses turns into cream, yellow or even green. This is absolutely normal. Do you want the same shots as in the popular public? Ask your wedding photographer to slightly edit the desired pictures. Believe me, such trifles are not at all worth the spoiled mood on the wedding day. Flowers are beautiful in their own right, and no one will notice a half-tone difference from the dress.

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