The End Is Near

It's been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least. Seems like a whirlwind of good fortune has smiled upon me. And yes, this means the end of the suffering that is my current job. My offer came through today, after an easy 3 interviews. I'm beyond excited, and humbled, too.

Turns out my former manager, who's departure from this company I'd lamented for weeks, even months, was looking for someone to fill a spot on his team. I made it known that I was interested, and that with no suppositions based on our past work history together, I'd like to see if I can earn (interview for) a spot on his team once again.

Not only did he agree, he rewrote the job description to match what I'm doing now. Once I submitted my online application, it was off to the races. Within three working days, five days total, I'd done 3 interviews, one of which was with my old manager. They were great as everyone I met with had known of me from my manager telling them about me. So, the interviews were very light and informal.

That was very refreshing as each interviewer asked me real-world scenario or experience based questions. I can't stand what I call "quiz show" interviews where they plaster you with technical questions one after the other until you get one wrong. The people I'll be working for are looking for someone experienced, but isn't necessarily a walking encyclopedia. That's perfect for me, as I'm surely not.

But, having been in the IT field for as long as I have (basically since the beginning of it), I've seen tech come and go, and rarely get wrapped up in the flavor of the month, you gotta have it because all the cool kids do, hype. This means that what I do know is based on wisdom, experience, and hard-learned lessons from the school of hard knocks. So, as I told my soon-to-be manager, I don't know everything, but I do know what I need to know to get the job done. Everything superfluous and not necessary to the job at hand gets mentally discarded to make room for the essential knowledge needed to do a job expertly.

On a Thursday, I had one interview, and on the next Monday I had the final two interviews. They presented my verbal offer that same Friday, and just today I got my written offer. The company I work for now is a very established global organization, and I'll be going to another firm that's probably more well known. They made me an offer above my asking price, are giving me a sign-on bonus, and eligible for another bonus later in the year. All in all, I'm still in shock.

Oh yeah, and it's 100% work from home. BOOM goes the dynamite!

It all happened so quickly, but isn't that how it works when things are meant to be? No pushing or shoehorning in, it just fits into place on it's own, like a glove. For as much as I've written about my misery in my current role, this is bigger than big. And, since I wasn't actively looking, just biding my time, coping in the best ways I knew how, the end is finally near.

As this is the week before Christmas, I'll be taking this Friday off to spend time with family and won't be back until January 6th. I start my new job on January 13th. Ever since getting the verbal offer, I've slept more soundly, felt an indescribable inner peace, and am excited to get up again. Even my wife is telling me how proud she is of me. That always feels good.

When I was a young lad, leaving home for the military, my mom wrote me a note and tucked it in my duffel bag. I found it while waiting at the processing center, and it was a mother's love and encouragement to help me along what would be, up to that point, the toughest thing I'd experience. And while this was well over 30 years ago, I'll never forget the thing she wanted me to know the most: That your life can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes for good, sometimes for adversity. She wanted me to always remember that all things are temporary, so any hardship will be short-lived because better things always lay ahead if I'm willing to see it and grab it.

It seems that during my recent prolonged episode of depression and my general unhappiness with my current work environment, I've forgotten mom's words. I thought this would last forever, but within a week, I went from job application to full offer with a start date after a two week Christmas holiday with my family. She's never been more right, and she's always been right with this.

Through the years and the miles, and the hardships too many to list, she was right. I didn't really doubt her, as I knew that she shared a profound truth with me. I just simply forgot. I forgot to remember that my life truly can change in the blink of an eye. And so, for this chapter of my career journey to end while I start a new one, I couldn't be more happy.

Merry Christmas (if you celebrate), and Happy New Year! Santa gave me my present early, and I do hope you all get what you wish for as well. Wishing you peace, love, and happiness.

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