It's Been A Minute, Hasn't It?

The rumors around my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I'm here, I'm alive, and still doing fantastically after leaving that toxic Hellhole. I took an extended break because without the burden of all that unhealthy existence, my mental, physical, and emotion load was freed.

It hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows, obviously with a pandemic and all. But I'd like to come back and share with you what I've been up to, what I'm doing these days, and how my experiences post-Hellhole have continued to help me grow and learn new things. I reread some of the posts I wrote, and wow, I was really in a dark place. So dark, it breaks my heart to know there are employers and bosses who truly don't see how they affect people when they mistreat their employees and teammates.

This is why we have to be stronger than those that try to do us harm, intentionally or unintentionally and be true to ourselves. One thing that came to mind as I scrolled some of my older posts was that back then I was writing because I needed to. It was therapy for me. As were my sessions with my mental health providers, but writing was truly a release for all of my pent up frustration and anger.

But now, I'm writing because I want to write. I think it might be helpful to share, maybe if not for you, then for me as I've learned much and continue to learn. My whole life has been a journey in growth, and I knew this before, and can share some real results in the now.

However, I must first get something off my chest. I need to THANK all of you that wrote in my guestbook. I had no idea there was one, and I found it after I'd started my writing break. The messages in there were extremely supportive, compassionate, and surprised me. I didn't think I was doing that great of a job writing, but some of your comments in the guestbook made it very clear otherwise.

That made my spirit soar. Thank you for that, as all of the comments and feedback were unexpected and yet, showed me there are still good people in the world. I appreciate you reminding me that. No worries, not all feedback has to be good for me to appreciate it. I do enjoy and appreciate criticism as well. Having both enabled me to get better at anything I do.

Ok, now let's talk about frequency of posts. I'll admit, that right now, I'm sitting in my newly cleaned and organized office, waiting for dinner to be ready. All my tasks and chores are taken care of, so I'm just jamming out to some 80's New Wave and writing you.

So when it comes to frequency, I don't really know how frequent I'll post. I can guarantee you, however, it won't be another year and a half to two years between posts. If you're still subscribed to this blog, thank you for not giving up on me, if you just found me, welcome. I'm probably a bit rusty, but I look forward to catching up.

Be safe, be well, talk to you soon.

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