Some Things That I Miss

Is life nothing but a dream?

  • My kids - who are now grown and gone.
  • My mom - who left us way too soon.
  • My stepdad - who also left us way too soon.
  • My stepmom - who yet again, left us way too soon.
  • My best friend from junior high.
  • My childhood home.
  • My friends from days and times past.
  • My time in the Army.
  • My time before the Army.
  • The way things used to be (in some cases).
  • Some (but maybe not all) family members that I don't see or talk to anymore but had a great childhood with.

Sometimes I do feel nostalgic, and I do miss these things. But instead of feeling bad, missing these people and things brings back great memories.

If I were to list the things I don't miss, that would drum up very negative feelings, and that would be depressing.

So, hopefully the next time you find yourself alone in your thoughts and memories, instead of being sad that those memories are in the past and not in your present, you have two choices:

a. You can go and make new memories by creating the moments you want in life.


b. You can relive those memories in your mind, which is your safe place to live and love, and be thankful that you have those memories that you can go back and visit at any time.

If you think about it, we actually do have the ability to time-travel. It's called our memories. And, we can go back to the good times, or the bad times any time we want.

And yes, sometimes I do think about the things I don't miss... not so I can get depressed, although sometimes I do, but so I can be grateful that those things aren't in my life anymore, and I'll never have to endure those specific things again.

We're all extremely powerful beings. More powerful that we give ourselves credit for most times. Use that power to do good things... for yourself and for others.

That's something I try to do every day. Sometimes I actually succeed.

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