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Today is Easter Sunday for those that observe. And while me and my family don't do the church thing, we do have an annual tradition. We like to go to our favorite restaurant and have a great family meal together.

There's not a lot of us since the kids are grown and gone, so it's just me, my wife, my in-laws, and a married couple who are great family friends. The place we go to is our favorite place, and they have really great food. Like, really great.

So, we eat, talk, laugh, and enjoy the time together. After we eat, then it's time for dessert. At this place, they do dessert big, too. Banana pudding for me, blackberry cobbler a-la-mode for her. Every year we always say we'll have some of each other's just to taste, but I always end up eating half of mine and taking the rest home, while she eats half of hers and gives the rest to me.

Not sure why we think it'll be different every year, but that's cool because I like cobbler just as much as pudding. We pack up all our leftovers to go, say our goodbye's to our friends, and head back to the in-laws' place.

When we get there, we all tell each other how stuffed we are, sort out the leftovers and we head home so that we can all enjoy the rest of our day. When it's all said and done, we're usually home by about 2:00pm. Then a food coma for about an hour for me while the wife goes and gets her nails done.

Gone are the Easter Egg hunts, the Easter Bunny and all that. The kids are elsewhere, living their lives, but we keep in touch. If they were visiting, they'd totally go with us, because they love that restaurant as much as we do.

My father-in-law was sure to send them photos of all the food, just so they'd know they were missed (and maybe to razz them a bit).

So, we just do Easter in a low-key way, enjoying our own little traditions. Mostly, it's a day of rest, like all Sundays, except with great company, food, and dessert.

Happy Easter if you observe, and Happy Sunday Funday if you don't.

Now back to my nap.

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