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It's been a crazy week, full of ups and downs, and it's only Thursday. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a nice quiet day. I've only got a few meetings scheduled, and things are usually pretty slow on Fridays. Of course, last week, as soon as I logged in for work, I mean, the very moment I was online, I walked into a shit-storm. Way more drama than I needed on a Friday.

So, I'm really hoping this Friday's going to be chill.

In any case, this week I'd had a potential job fall through during salary negotiations, which in of itself was a roller coaster and a relief, too. At first I was excited about it, then not so much, then the thought of leaving the job I have now was just too juicy to dismiss, only to come back around and realize that the new gig is totally not for me.

How strange is that? Discovering that the current job I loathe still isn't as bad as some jobs that are out there, and those shittier jobs apparently pay less, too. So, I'll be the actor waiting tables, or the guitarist working as a mechanic during the day to make ends meet while I pursue my true passion.

When I frame it in that context, that this job is part of a very long career, but isn't intended to further it, and instead, will finance my next career, it doesn't sound half bad. And, since I'm not trying to set the world on fire, get promoted, or really do much more than the minimum to not get fired these days, my work days aren't always that busy.

Which, gives me more time to... you guessed it! To write!

Another great thing that happened this week was that a blog article I submitted as a guest blogger was accepted as-is, with no edits, no revisions - BOOM! Published. That's a HUGE win.

What's even more, some product FAQs and documentation I'd worked on was accepted and published on the product's website.

With so much wind in my sails right now, I'm going to enroll in a copywriting course that promises to teach me everything about copywriting and business writing. Even SEO research and strategy. I'll be honest, I tend to think SEO is dead as a deliberate activity since Google changes their algorithms so often. And, at the end of the day, if the content brings value, is useful, or serves a purpose for the person searching, why have to map out keywords?

I mean, I know why, but why spend all that money doing that? Why not just hire someone to write killer content that people might actually want to read without getting hit over the head with some link trick or carefully manipulated set of words? Maybe I'm missing the larger picture on that.

But, I digress.

Realizing that I'm nowhere near an expert on SEO or even copywriting, my attitude may shift after I take this course. But, that's the beauty of it. I have an open mind, and if my mind gets changed, great! If it only solidifies my original thinking, that's great, too! The important thing is that I seek out the knowledge before making a firm judgement.

I hope you'll stay tuned tomorrow as I've got a pretty cool post planned. Hoping it could turn into something really good. Not just for me, but perhaps for you as well!

How's your week been? Feel free to share it with me, or better yet, write about it on Listed! Be well.

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