#100Days, Day 3 and Weekly Accountability for April 10th, 2019

Well, it looks like the Universe isn't without a sense of irony. I just got word that the position I was a candidate for, and so conflicted about, is a no-go. It could have been a number of things. My salary requirements were too high for their liking, I came off as a know-it-all which may have scared them off, all or none of the above.

This has truly been an up and down roller coaster, but, as I was good with it before, I'm still good with it now, although quite a bit of time was invested with all the interviews and trips to their office. But, no sour grapes here as I had a plan to resume my plan to further my writing aspirations, which I can do now without distraction. A new job would have only delayed this move forward indefinitely as settling in and getting organized would have required all my time and attention for who know's how long.

I won't lie, though. I was kind of looking forward to giving my employer my resignation and start the process of disconnecting from the day to day here that's left me unfulfilled for quite a while now. But, again, making a good living while learning something new, and only caring about the things that matter instead of making myself sick worrying about everything, is not a bad gig unto itself.

This frees up a lot of time, energy, and emotion, because I can go back to not caring as much about my day job, and really not having to pretend to care so much about a new job, either. As I continue embrace minimalist and stoic mindsets, I can truly say, this is pretty damn good in the grander scheme.

And, for any salary difference between what I'm making now and that new job can easily be made up if I put my business writing services into motion. So, as I was gloating to myself (and to you) earlier about my moral victory, it seems it was my turn for the Universe to bring me back down to size.

And, humbled I am, but also grateful, and more hopeful.

In addition to all this, it's Friday, and last Friday, just as I'd hoped, it was quiet as could be. This Friday's shaping up to be pretty much the same, leaving me plenty of time to hone my craft. Now that I've stepped back and written this all out, it really doesn't get any better than this.

Weekly Accountability for April 10th, 2019

This Week's Goals (10 May 2019)

  • Meet with CEO of prospective new company [Done]
  • Enroll in professional copywriting course [NOT Done]
  • Continue to support my pro bono client with new content this week [Done]
  • Do the minimum required at my current day job, allowing myself to not have to be the best [Done]
  • Do something for somebody unexpected and positive [Done]
  • Start a new phase of decluttering and minimizing [Done]

Next Week's Goals (17 May 2019)

  • Enroll in professional copywriting course (Overdue)
  • More decluttering and minimizing
  • Continue to support my pro bono client with new content this week
  • Do the minimum required at my current day job, allowing myself to not have to be the best
  • Do something for somebody unexpected and positive
  • Continue to post every day for the 100 Day Writing Challenge

Goals For The Month of May

  • If offer is received for new position, arrive at a decision [Done]
  • Complete half of my copywriting course
  • Define business niche and create ideal client profile
  • Establish content strategy for upcoming business writing service website
  • Made at least 4 contacts for upcoming business writing service
  • Solidified professional freelance profiles for LinkedIn, Upwork, etc.
  • Complete 100 Day Writing Challenge

Short Term Goals (within 6 months)

  • Complete a professional copywriting course by July 1st, 2019
  • Become a professional business and copywriter by August 1st, 2019 (by obtaining first paying client)
  • Establish processes for lead capturing
  • Develop client experience workflow from prospect to final delivery of product

Long Term Goals (a year or longer)

  • Be able to quit day job and go full time freelance by December 31st, 2020

What Went Right This Week

  • Achieved all but one goal this week
  • Was able to find relief in a job opportunity that didn't happen, again
  • Set up additional organization for daily tasks using free tools
  • Kept 'inbox zero' at work AND with personal email <-- Bonus!

What Can Be Done Better Next Week

  • Move closer to short and long term goals by enrolling in copywriting course
  • Show more patience towards others, especially towards less than cooperative co-workers (failed this week, but maybe next week)
  • Commit more to personal development

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