#100Days, Day 6

Not much to share today, but I did spend most of the day learning more about Git and how to use GitHub and GitLab more for my daily tasks.

I've also been reading more on how to use Git's version control for writing projects, and I think this is going to be pretty cool. The more I learn the more excited I get.

I only had one meeting during normal hours today, and it felt great. Allowed me time to work on my work projects as well as my personal ones, too. I do have a meeting this evening with our counterparts overseas, but it should only be a half hour if they don't have a lot of questions, so here's hoping.

My new tools are really helping me stay on top of things. I feel even more efficient than I already did before. I could get used to this.

Nothing too profound today, mostly because it's been a busy day one way or another. Maybe tomorrow I'll be inspired to wax philosophical, so you've been warned. Hoping you've got a great start to the new week.

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