#100Days, Day 7

Busy day today... probably the busiest in a while. But, it was a good busy, not a chaotic busy. I was able to make some good progress with my project team, and my focus was sharp today.

Met up with my wife after dinner at her favorite Mexican restaurant, and while they're always pretty good, they were ON POINT today. We like to meet up after work sometimes and just have a date.

I fasted since Sunday night, and dinner was my first meal since then. I wasn't ravenous when we sat down, but once we started on the chips and salsa, the hunger then hit me.

Funny thing was, I could only finish half my meal. Sure, I loaded up on chips, but I always do that, and never have a hard time finishing. So as hungry as I started feeling when I first started eating, I thought I'd be taking no prisoners today. So, it turns out, I actually ate a little less than I normally would have if I didn't fast.

Now that I think about it, I was so busy, I forgot to have coffee today. That's not like me, so that should tell you I was in the zone.

I'll make up for it tomorrow, as I'll have coffee in the morning with a friend of mine. Another thing I do on a regular basis. Come to think of it, these regular rituals involving friends and family are quite nice.

It's nice to be able to share a nice meal with my wife and just talk, no pressure, the day is over, and we've got nowhere to be. Then, tomorrow morning, it's coffee with a buddy, which means we can talk about different stuff that dudes talk about.

I do value those times I can spend quality time with those I enjoy being with. And yet, I do also enjoy those times when I can spend quiet time with myself, just doing whatever. Reading, writing, watching TV shows or movies, it re-energizes me.

It's good to have balance, and lately I've been realizing that more than ever.

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