#100Days, Day 10 and Weekly Accountability for April 17th

Ok, 10 days straight, and today I'm pushing to write this. Mostly because it's been another busy day of getting shit done. Making progress on my work projects, so enjoying the busy right now.

I've gone over 25 days in a row my April challenge to post every day for the month, and missed my full goal by two different days when I didn't write. However, I wrote for a total of 27 days for that month. WOW.

For someone who used to make writing an "event", it's now a daily thing. Sure, the quality will vary, but that's to be expected with this form of writing/journaling.

And like with most things, doing anything daily becomes a challenge, sometimes even a chore. The thing is, I want to take my writing to the next level, so writing every day is for me, like practicing an instrument, or a martial art, or anything that requires practice and time invested to achieve mastery.

I looked at my word count the other day, and it was like over 40,000 words. It kind of shocked me because I didn't think that would add up so quickly. Keep in mind that just because it's 40,000 words, it doesn't mean they're all good or effective, or even useful words.

But, it does show me in a tangible way, progress toward my goal. So, not for vanity, but merely for measuring growth. A year ago, I'd write maybe a few times a year. Can't believe I ever thought I'd reach any kind of goal by only doing that thing once in a while, and usually around the Holidays.

Well, I'm in it now... I'm all up in that. It feels good, but as I can only measure progress right now by the number of words I'm committing to this journal, I'm not sure of my progress as an improving effective and engaging writer.

I should probably go back and read some of the few things I wrote from last year and further, and see what that looks like. If it' the same, should I be depressed and think there's no growth?

Or, would that mean that my voice is consistent, and can still attract business clientele like I'd like it to? We shall see. Now, on to...

Weekly Accountability for April 17th, 2019

This Week's Goals (17 May 2019)

  • Enroll in professional copywriting course (STILL Overdue)
  • More decluttering and minimizing - (Overdue)
  • Continue to support my pro bono client with new content this week - [Done]
  • Do the minimum required at my current day job, allowing myself to not have to be the best - [Done]
  • Do something for somebody unexpected and positive - [Done]
  • Continue to post every day for the 100 Day Writing Challenge - {In Progress}

Next Week's Goals (24 May 2019)

  • Enroll in professional copywriting course (STILL Overdue)
  • More decluttering and minimizing (Overdue)
  • Relax over the weekend (yes, it's harder for me than it sounds)
  • Brainstorm value propositions I can offer as a professional business/technical writer
  • Give my roadster a bath and a nice polishing
  • Take one step toward additional decluttering
  • Apply the "realistic expectations" principle I wrote about yesterday

Goals For The Month of May

  • Complete half of my copywriting course
  • Define business niche and create ideal client profile
  • Establish content strategy for upcoming business writing service website
  • Made at least 4 contacts for upcoming business writing service
  • Solidified professional freelance profiles for LinkedIn, Upwork, etc.
  • Continue 100 Day Writing Challenge

Short Term Goals (within 6 months)

  • Complete a professional copywriting course by July 1st, 2019
  • Become a professional business and copywriter by August 1st, 2019 (by obtaining first paying client)
  • Establish processes for lead capturing
  • Develop client experience workflow from prospect to final delivery of product

Long Term Goals (a year or longer)

  • Be able to quit day job and go full time freelance by December 31st, 2020

What Went Right This Week

  • Found solace in spending quality time with my wife and a friend
  • Discovered something about myself I didn't realize before and could perhaps help me with my anger and anxiety (personal development)
  • Kept busy throughout the week to get some really good work done

What Can Be Done Better Next Week

  • Move closer to short and long term goals by enrolling in copywriting course (STILL!)
  • Show more patience towards others, especially towards less than cooperative co-workers (failed last week AND this week, but maybe next week)
  • Commit to even more to personal development

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