#100Days, Day 11

Just a quick reflection of the day before I settle into a movie or something. Been working on my desktop computer all day today. I got some new entry level studio monitors for it, and a DAC (digital audio converter) a couple of weeks ago. I had set them up when I got them, and enjoyed some tunes, but after that day, I was mostly using my laptop.

Today, I spent the day on my desktop listening to tunes on the new speakers and DAC, and just soaking it all in. Wrote some emails, did some online research for movie posters, and found a place that has a ton of them, and they do different framing and mounting options, which is really cool.

I plan to buy several movie posters, and turn them into sound absorbtion panels for the media room. I saw a YouTube video that inspired me, and while the guy uses a towel as the outer display material, I'm doing movie posters, and filling the backs of each with the material this guy tested as being the most sound absorbing. And, quite surprising to say the least.

No doubt I can do something very similar for my home office, so I can listen to my monitors a little louder than I'm able to now without disturbing the Mrs.

This morning I slept in, and it felt great. Had a bit of a rainstorm, and we all know how much I enjoy those, so that was nice, too. After I post this, I'll probably watch some YouTube and a movie. I watch a lot of YouTube but not for the crazy cat videos or the Dude Perfect stuff, I watch it to learn new things. I enjoy learning about new technologies, or life hacks via TED Talks, and even some creepy paranormal stuff on Slapped Ham.

While I do enjoy watching UFO sightings as well, it's hard to find a good channel that isn't an obvious fake. Yeah, you might thing, but dude, they're all fake, but I disagree. I like watching unexplained things caught on video, like possible ghosts and UFOs and stuff. And while I do have a belief in them, I also like to think about what else it could be if it's not that thing I think it is and my brain is telling me it is. That's a fun exercise to help me with my critical thinking.

I can have a belief in something, which for me means little to no reason to doubt, until something comes along to prove that thing is false, fake, incorrect, etc. So, while I have beliefs of varying kinds, I'm also open to the possibility that the things I believe are real, good, healthy, harmless, etc., could in fact be the opposite... and vice versa. But, I'll hold the belief until I can find some evidence to disprove it.

And, if someone should happen to disprove something I'd believe in, with facts, not emotion or hysterics or shaming, but with actual facts, then I'll be the first to admit that my initial beliefs in something I thought to be true were in fact, wrong. No problem with that, whatsoever. Thing is, there's no conversation anymore where healthy discussion can turn into lively debate, and a mutual exchange of ideas.

With perhaps even both sides respecting each other all the more for sharing their reasons for leaning one way or the other.

Nowadays, it's you're either this side or that side, and if you're on what's percieved to be the wrong side, you're a complete asshole with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Well, if you've been reading my blog and my pursuit for a less-stress, simpler, and more fulfilling life, you'd know that Homie don't play that. If you can speak with me (not to me, or at me) like I'm a coherent and semi-intelligent human being with the capability to continue learning even in his older years, then I'm happy to engage.

Otherwise, if I'm going to be talked down to, condescended, mocked, or shamed, then I just don't have time to hear your point, no matter how valid it may be. So, I guess that really does boil down to, "It's not what you say, but how you say it." And sure, some believe it's time to get loud and angry and show the world how fed up (or scared) you are, and the only way to do it is to shout down others, because otherwise your anguish and disgust wouldn't be genuine otherwise. But it's really not the way.

Sure, be passionate. Believe strongly. Even take action. But like in all things, there are healthy ways to do all of the above, and there are unhealthy ways. To be completely honest, I do see both taking place. But, the unhealthy ones that think they're making a difference could actually be doing the exact opposite.

Because when you rant, and explode, and throw things, and basically act like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum, no one has time to listen to you. Even if you do have a valid point. You're just making it harder for you to be heard, because no one, and I mean no one really likes dealing with someone who can't control their emotions.

And, I can speak from experience. Not from a political standpoint, but from a general kind of everything around me standpoint. As a combat veteran who must cope with many things experienced in the service of my country, combined with shattered ideals, and the oh so many things I can not control, it has almost consumed me to a frightening degree... to an almost tragic degree. Not to the ones I love, but to myself, which I guess would impact the ones I love.

So, whatever... you hold some things to be true. That's great, take a stand, believe in something, but if you really want to be a badass, be willing to listen to someone else speak for a moment and see if they might just teach you something you didn't know before. Maybe it won't change your mind, but maybe it will give you a better understanding of the larger picture, or why the person across from you believes differently than you do.

And no, the reason for someone disagreeing with you isn't simply because they're a moron. Although, I've been guilt as charged for thinking that very thing... even as recently as last Tuesday. I joke, but the point is still valid. Just as is your opinion, your beliefs, and your struggle, as well as everyone else's.

Not sure how that spiraled into a rant about what I call "The Death of the Conversation", but it felt good to get it out. Agree, disagree, I dont much care about your stance as much as I care about you. Approach everything in the healthiest way you can. It may not be popular, or even easy, but the healthy way is always the best way. For me, for you, and for all of us.

Mmmmkay, a quick "post" of what I thought would be about 300 words turned out to be close to 1,200. Guess I had more on my mind today than I thought. But I do feel better, and hope you do too.

Live well.

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