#100Days, Day 14

Not sure this one will blow anyone's socks off, but an overall good day. Was busy with work projects the first half of the day, then was done with my work by lunchtime. So, I spent the afternoon reading up on ideas for soundproofing my home office and TV room. Found some semi-affordable options that are already done for me, or I can DIY them myself and save some money.

Thing is, I don't really have any tools (except computer repair tools), I'm not very handy, and I don't really like doing that stuff. Then I realized, my co-worker is from Nebraska and he loves working on shit. He build a "shed" for his riding mower, and a workbench and extra storage, and I kid you not, it's a smaller replica of a red barn. Not much smaller than the real thing, but small enough to have it be allowed in a residential area.

He's built his own headboard, and he works on his own cars and saves a ton of money. It might not be a bad idea to see if I threw a few bucks his way, if he'd make them for me, and maybe I can still save some money, while also not having to build them myself.

Yeah, I know, why not just build them myself? Well, I wrote about that earlier in in my blog, and it really captures the reasons why. Sure, some could call me lazy, but I call myself smart for not spending too much time, if any, doing stuff I don't want to do, in favor of spending the same amount of time doing what I really want to do.

That's mostly learning new stuff, or maybe just hanging around watching sitcom reruns with the wife. Either way, I consider that a much better use of my time than to be doing something I don't really care to do. So, I think I'll hit him up later today or tomorrow and see what he thinks.

See, that's why we all have our strengths. While he may jump at the chance to build something for me involving wood and fabric and such, that's not really my bag. However, when it comes to the things I do like to do, like write, work on computers, and stuff like that, I could be the one jumping at the chance to do something that someone else would really not rather do.

I guess it's all part of the circle of life, and what makes the world go 'round, isn't it?

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