#100Days, Day 15

Not sure what I want to reflect on today. A pretty uneventful day, and believe me, I'll take it over a chaotic one any day.

Was able to get my most difficult meeting of the day out of the way pretty early. Not first thing once I log in (which I can't stand), but a good hour and a half after starting work. That works great so that I can read my emails from the night before, and settle into my day.

After the meeting, I had nothing else on my calendar, so I was able to complete a majority of my work before lunch again. Did some more research on acoustic treatments and sound proofing rooms. Learned more about the distinctions and nuances between them, giving me some better direction on that to do for my rooms.

I'm just so happy to be off this Friday and the Tuesday after the holiday. A nice 5 day mini vacation for the price of only two vacation days.

I think on Friday, I'll sleep in (of course), and since my wife has to work, I'll treat myself to lunch at some place my wife always says no to.

Then, when I'm too full for dinner, she'll really start to squawk.

I've also noticed while linking to a previous post that all my images have somehow stopped loading. Not sure if the image host I'm using changed URLs on me, or what, but I guess I'll need to look into that at some point. Not really a priority at this point, but one more thing to add to my to-do list.

Other than that, not much else going on. This may sound boring, but believe me, I'm totaly good with that.

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