ive said it before. well i say it to myself almost everyday. perhaps as an affirmation. im not sure.

it is hard for me to take anything seriously.

I blame the internet. I blame postmodernism? i dont even know what postmodernism is. does anyone?

the world is absurd, so therefore, why try and make anything serious. what is the point? it will just loose all context anyways.

you put something out into the world, and it is stripped of all context.

not a bad thing, however!

its just like. maybe 1% of people will understand the context.

And by context, i mean your perspective. your worldview. your opinions. everything you put into this art piece, frozen in time.

noone else will ever understand it. unless, maybe they are your lover. or close family member, or best friend perhaps.

I'll wrap this up by saying:

I care about so much, that I care about nothing.

can i say that better?

more romantically perhaps.

this is meant to be stream of consciousness, so trying best not to go back and delete any words that have been written.

i care a

i care about everything, therefore i care about nothing

i dont know.

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