Fake Death

I like to imagine that there’s a small organization out there. It’s a nameless, faceless, shadowy Knights-of-Templar kinda thing that exists for one purpose:

When a public figure crosses the “threshold” of influence on the public zeitgeist, this organization comes in and helps remove you from public existence.

It is not forceful, or perhaps it is. It’s more of an initiation if you will. A rite of passage.

Like, congratulations you’ve made it to this elite level.

The reasoning for designing ones death, is that when a figure crosses that “threshold” it is no longer practical (or responsible) for them to be making decisions under the extreme pressures that come with influencing the zeitgeist.

In theory, if they are dead, they can lead better in the shadows, and theirs legacy lives on.

To me this seems practical. Like why wouldn’t you do it this way? Why have the pressures of being alive when you can be dead but still reap all the benefits of power?

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