Self Talk

The following is a transcript of a conversation I had with myself over text:

testbot, [May 22, 2022 at 11:31:41 PM]:
ok. lets start the conversation with yourself

🔵 you: hi
🟢 you: how are you?
🔵 you: im ok how are you?
🟢 you: ive been better
🔵 you: oh im sorry to hear that, when was the last time you felt good?
🟢 you: hmm, maybe a few days ago i cant remember
🔵 you: what were you doing
🟢 you: i have no fucking clue every day seems to blur together
🔵 you: you need to get some grasp on reality
🟢 you: yea and how do you suppose i do that?
🔵 you: hmm. well what are some things that reminds you that you are real and that the world is real?
🟢 you: i guess when i wake up, i know that i am alive
🔵 you: thats pretty obvious. anything else?
🟢 you: breathing
🔵 you: that is also a very basic human function
🟢 you: well you have to start somewhere you know
🔵 you: i think you can find better markers than that
🟢 you: well why should i. why do i need to get a grasp on reality?
🔵 you: well, to remind yourself that you are not the only human being on this planet, and there are a good amount of other people doing things. you solipsistic bitch
🟢 you: that hurts a little bit but i cant get mad at the truth
🔵 you: ok soooooooooo wha
🟢 you: can we come back to this conversation later?
🔵 you: no you pu$$y mother fucker, you better address this shit now before it gets the best of you, it's gonna suck you down to the bottom of that sea of despair that you know and love
🟢 you: fuck you
🔵 you: fuck me? fuck you!
🟢 you: i will go fuck myself now
🔵 you: by fucking yourself, you are fucking me
🟢 you: i know that
🔵 you: yea well you fuck like a bitch
🟢 you: 🙁
🔵 you: its true, learn how to please me right, and i will return the favor
🟢 you: well what gets you off?

[conversation ended]

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