Lessons 1-10 Vocabulary

This is overdue because there was some resistance on my part to list out everything. Here's some vocabulary from the first 10 lessons.

There's more, but I doubt there is point documenting them here, since I already have them as cards in Anki. The only point for documenting is to see the weekly progress, and this is a dump of 10 lessons' worth.



Countries, Languages, Nationalities

Korean English
나라 country
지도 map
한국 Korea
한국어 Korean (language)
한국 사람 Korean (person)
~사람 Person from ~ (country)
미국 America
호주 Australia
영국 England
영어 English (language)
독일 Germany
프랑스 France
라시아 Russia
일본 Japan
중국 China
대만 Taiwan
홍콩 Hong Kong
싱가포르 Singapore
말레이시아 Malaysia
말레이어 Malay (language; Bahasa Melayu)
태국 Thailand


Korean English
직업 occupation, job
기자 reporter
회사원 company employee
학생 student
선생님 teacher
주부 housewife
군인 military personnel
가수 singer
요리사 chef
의사 doctor


Korean English
이름 name
명함 name card
전화번호 telephone number
책상 desk
사전 dictionary
우산 umbrella
가방 bag
시계 watch/clock
안경 glasses/spectacles
모자 hat
친구 friend
창문 window
의자 chair
필통 pencil case
연필 pencil
볼펜 ballpoint pen
지갑 wallet
신문 newspaper
잡지 magazine
휴지 tissue paper
컴퓨터 computer
노트북 notebook (laptop)
텔레비전 television
휴대폰 mobile phone
커피 coffee


Korean English
안녕하세요? Hello.
안녕히 가세요. Bye. (to the person who is leaving)
안녕히 계세요. Bye. (to the person who is staying)
만나서 반가워요. Nice to meet you. (casual)
만나서 반갑습니다. Nice to meet you. (formal)
이름이 뭐예요? What is your name?
직업이 뭐예요? What is your job?
어느 나라 사람이에요? Which country are you from?
"X"은/는 한국어로 뭐예요? What is X in Korean?


From the grammar summary in the previous post and the vocabulary list above:

How do you say:

  1. I am a singer.
  2. I am American.
  3. I am a company employee. (formal)
  4. I am not a singer. (formal)
  5. I am not English. (formal)
  6. Steven, are you Australian? (formal)
  7. This is a ruler.
  8. That is mobile phone.
  9. That (over there) is a laptop.
  10. How do you say "hello" in Korean?
  11. Give me a coffee. Here you go.
  12. Please give me some water. (gentle)
  13. I have a map and a hat.
  14. I have a watch, a ballpoint pen, and a pencil. (formal 'and')
  15. Kelly does not have a cup, tissue paper, and an umbrella. (formal 'and')
  16. I am X and I am Y.

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