Found out yesterday after a visit to the language learners forum (which I don't regularly go to) that Podclub.ch shut down last year, after having the last episodes aired in September. At the end of the year in December, everything was removed from the site.

Officially, the last 30 episodes of each? podcast are on Soundcloud for the different podcasts, but that's it. The efforts to download individual podcasts seem to have stalled on the forums, so there's no central repo that has all the audio + transcripts of the different productions. :(

I've not been using it much (evidently, or I'd have known about this much earlier), but I did use it when I was studying Italian in late 2016/early 2017 on my own. I found Al Dente, the main podcast that I'd listened to and followed, interesting. There was a brief period when I'd decided to focus on one language and before I went to focus on German because of my mission trip I'd picked Italian. I also listened to a few episodes of the German Andrea Erzählt. At one point I may have listened to a few episodes of L'avis de Marie (French) but it was definitely not a regular thing, since I've never dedicated myself to studying French on my own.

It was special since it was a Swiss production that had 3 languages that I was studying. If I ever did Swiss German I'd have used it too. Plus, I guess after living there for a while there's some significance too, since the episodes talk about their life in Switzerland.

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