It's Raining

It started with the teacher messaging us on KakaoTalk about the weather (as it was raining) a day after the lesson we had on the weather.

Then she asked us what we are going to do today. I said I was studying and then exercising. I still have not replied to her follow-up question one day later on what I am studying (and I thought she asked what kind of exercise) I do because I forgot. (This post was meant to be posted yesterday when this happened but I forgot as well.)

I feel like I was somewhat scammed into studying Korean yesterday. Today, too.

Here is the list of new vocab that I added to Anki. Some are not entirely new, but they are not in my Anki deck, so I added them in and reproduced them here.


Korean English Notes
동네 neighbourhood
씨익 grin (씨익) was the text sent in the KakaoTalk notification, but the message is actually a Sticker (if that's what it's called) of a grinning face
집안일 home-cooked food
자막 subtitles
화이팅 Fighting! You know, what they always say... so this is how it's written.
만두 dumpling
버섯 mushroom
남편 husband
동의하다 to agree 同意

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