Lesson 52 (Beginner 3B Lesson 4): Test 3

I really, really don't want to write about the test. For various reasons I definitely don't think I am proud of how I did this, regardless of the actual result. It's very likely that it'll still be a relatively high score. I should be happy in terms of my studying efforts, in that I actually studied from an earlier date, but still. I don't feel good right now about myself.

I didn't have enough time to check through my answers, let alone review the essay at the end. Except it wasn't an essay, it was actually 2 topics which made it harder to write. The second topic was... well, it was from the textbook, the homework, which now that I think about it, the teacher hinted at it last week too...


For oral, I was the first to go again. I was a nervous wreck (the phrase "bundle of nerves" went through my mind a lot) who couldn't even read the sentences properly. But since the oral is the only component that I don't have the paper for, I should write what I recall.

  1. Read 5 sentences. I freaked out over the instructions which had tons of unfamiliar words, due to the formatting I thought that the instructions was the first sentence to read. Mostly involved the pronunciation from the relevant chapters, but man, one sentence had like 2 of them together... ugh. I don't want to talk about it.
  2. The train directions thing. Same as in the textbook, you are at a station and you have to say how to get to another station.
  3. Plans for today (after the lesson) and tomorrow.
  4. Pretend that you are a doctor and the teacher is the patient. And it took me a while to realise I had to start the conversation... This was the giving advice part.

The order was, as far as I could tell, me, my friend, the youngest girl, then the other lady. The good thing about going first is that you don't have to context switch since it's right after the listening test.


The youngest girl in the class who wasn't here for the last lesson of the previous term asked after the test if our class only has 4 students. (She finished early too, which only added to my stress. Then my friend finished. Before the class ended.)

The teacher confirmed that the other 2 students both transfererd to the Wednesday class, but then she said that next week we would have a new student and should prepare an introduction. (I think... it is sort of serious, so I should have something to say. Lol.)

Then she also mentioned that she made some corrections to the notes and will send it to us (next week?), so yay for getting the original so I can print them in colour.... oh wait, I just received a notification for a parcel, so maybe she's resending them as physical copies.

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