Lesson 51 (Beginner 3B Lesson 3): Test 3 Revision

Today's lesson was a revision lesson, so there is nothing really new and this will be a relatively short post.

Here's what we did:

  1. Went through the revision handout page 1 (vocab)
  2. Did Quizlet Live first in pairs (2 vs 2) and then individually. Chapters 10 and 11 were in pairs and 12 was individually. For each chapter, it's 3 times, first 2 is English and you select the Korean, the last one is definition, from English you select the Korean.
  3. Went through revision handout page 2 (grammar)
  4. Went through the revision worksheet that was last week's homework together
  5. (Last 10 minutes or so) Oral practice with the teacher asking questions and us answering.

This was different from the last time, where we did not have a full lesson for revision. I recall the Quizlet was practising the sentence cards for each chapter. The revision worksheet was also homework for the week before the test. This week there's now no homework, and I would guess next week there isn't either.

I only submitted my homework yesterday night, which was the revision sheet and the writing. The writing was why I delayed, because I really had nothing to write. I asked the other girl (the youngest in the class) and she said she did this revision sheet homework but not the writing, and so it's not submitted. I'm not sure if the others submitted then, I don't see the other lady not submitting the homework. Maybe the teacher won't mark the 3 pages. I had 2 mistakes in it from the first section.

I've been doing Quizlet revision every day for the past 2 weeks, about 15 min/day. For this last week I'd set aside maybe 25 min/day for revision which will include listening to audio and also more speaking. For oral there's 3 things in particular I should prepare for, given what happened in the last 10 minutes:

  1. Giving advice
  2. Future tense + plans
  3. Subway directions


Korean English Notes
연말 end of the year
건너다 to cross (a street, river, ridge, etc.)

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