Lesson 114 (Pre-Advance 1 Lesson 12)

Today was a marathon of posts (6 in total) and this is the last. With this I will be caught up but who knows for how long before I fall behind again and I still have homework. Part of my purpose for grinding this out first is also for the sake of revision before I attempt the revision worksheet that is the homework. (This was possible only because of the rain and I did not go out.)

When the teacher mentioned a revision lesson the previous week, I thought it would be like before, going through the revision notes. That did not happen. We revised only chapter 2 (starting from the first grammar, in the textbook).

As part of the review we also did p.46 textbook (that was done two lessons ago). I remember not only because I had written in the textbook some notes, but was unsure of the pronunciation for 머리를 긁다. This, if I recall correctly, happened in the breakout room (the other student was unsure and asked the teacher who joined), and the teacher gave the correct pronunciation. This time it was going through as a class, and I was the lucky one who had to read that, and I read it correctly.

We had not touched the textbook for Chapter 2 apart from p. 46 so there was a lot to get through, from the Speaking, and also Listening, then Culture Note and Pronunciation. By the time we go to the Self-Check at the end, the lesson time was over.

Culture Note

We went through the story in the culture note. It is about a folk tale. There was once a lazy kid who did not like to work. He would lie down and sleep after eating. His mother would always say that if you did that, you would turn into a cow. And then one day he turned into a cow. When he became a cow, he was worked very hard. Turned out it was a dream of course. After that he woke up, and started to work hard.


The pronunciation topic is about intonation.

In imperative sentences, the first syllable of the main clause verb is pronounced strongly with a rising intonation, and the last syllable is pronounced with a short, falling intonation.

When the sentence is a request (rather than a command, i.e. an imperative sentence), then the last syllable can rise slightly. (Think of 기다리세요, asking someone to wait patiently as a request.)


  • Revision worksheet (due latest Thursday, 3 Mar)


  • Date: Feb 26
  • Students: 7 out of 11 (I think it was 8 originally, because I noticed that someone that I paired with for breakout room disappeared after that)
  • Breakout room activities: Yes, random (different each time)

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