Fate or Free Will? - Day 5

I recently figured out that I can't accomplish the things that I set out to do because I have failed to understand the core principle behind success, which is free will. These two words "free will" stand out to me in particular because, in my culture, we've been taught for so long that everything we do and will do is predestined and already fated to happen. However, this perspective, while comforting is also dangerously on the edge of taking away your willpower to change things in your life in the present moment. Learning the balance between these two interconnected phenomena; free will and predestination is, therefore, a fabulous education in and of itself. Why, because I believe that we are absolutely in need of both.

Similar to the fundamental quantum theory describing a particle like an electron to be both a wave and a particle at the same time (wave-particle duality), our lives also follow a kind of free will-predestination duality, where both are occurring at the same time by the very nature of reality. Using some kind of pseudoscience, if we were to try and arrive at the right balance between fate and free will, we would have to form an equation that could account for our time on Earth to be both wavelike (predestined) and particle-like (with free will) at the same time. Arriving at this equation is going to require us to think paradoxically which is why I believe that we have to work hard at it in order to achieve that balance. If I assumed myself to be a particle with some mass, i.e, that what I think and what I do with my time actually 'matters' (connected to mass again), then I have the ability to interact with light to create energy (according to the equation, E=mc2, where m is mass, and c is the unit for the speed of light) which would allow me to create, affect, move and take action in my life. However, while assuming that I am this being with mass (a particle) that can collaborate with light (source energy) to create energy (E), I must also realize that I am simultaneously not just one stationary particle but that I am also moving in a wavelike fashion that is beyond my own volition - a wave that will move of its own accord, and that has no mass to affect energy to move on its own but is moving nonetheless, with energy. With the acceptance of both these phenomena playing in unison with each other, the best theory of how to live with grace that I have so far is this:

Move with your own willpower and actively make effort, by interacting with positivity (light source) to generate energy to create your own movement (momentum), but have the awareness and acceptance that while doing so, you are also being moved (guided) in waves throughout your life. If you can accept both paradoxes and integrate them fully, I think you can be safe in the knowledge that you accomplish whatever you wish to with your own free will while being guided by the universe/faith/God at the same time.

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