Freedom to be free - Day 26

Aurat karegi ye march,
Lunch mai khaun mai starch,
Wai zaar, now let me recharge

Furniture karoon mai reset
Life shouldn’t be on bed-rest
Any anxiety you better get off yo chest

I know sab kartay hain request,
Can I be your friendly guest?
I’m afraid not, as you won’t pass my test

Were I to refuse your light,
Would you resent me then in spite?
Or find a way to turn on me, and start to gaslight?

Sir, I am not that free,
To entertain the possibility,
That higher consciousness comes with the price of fragility

For I am not so wise,
Nor do I wear a guise,
Collecting dollars from unfortunate people reaching their demise

It’s time to now break free
& embrace fragility,
For knights in armor will not come to save your dignity

Freedom to be free,
It’s not quite so easy
But it bears the fight to shine the light and gain certainty

Doubts find you now plenty
Even when they come gently
So forsake the false desires of the thoughts that live rent-free

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