Guidance from March 2020 - Day 36

This is a section of guidance that I asked for in March 2020 from the divine / my higher self. This was at the beginning of the covid pandemic.

Treasure of my being, let light through profusely. I seek your guidance, you alone can tell me the answer. Of missions there are many yet, and many more to come, but can you point me to a direction that is not limited by time or convention? Do such pleas even work, I wonder? Are you listening to me now?
I implore you to show me the path, the path that is the most solid, the most correct, the most fulfilling path that my mind could ever fathom. I want nothing less than it. I do not wish for a simple, discreet, passive, repressed life. What I want is a life full of excitement, challenges, grief and happiness, hunger and fulfillment, and the whole range of emotions. I especially want to touch people’s lives in ways that are unprecedented for the me of today to even comprehend.

My vision? A life where my words and actions can release people from their suffering. I want people to experience the freedom that I have come to experience in life. I want to show them that freedom is not something that can be suppressed for too long, because it is a birth right. We are born free and know no other reality.

It’s not until systems of oppression that have been in place for way too long start dictating what you can feel and not feel, what you can say and not say, what you can think and not think, who you can be with and not be with, and so on. It is convention and social order fine tuned over the years for reasons we can thank history, politics, religion, and a faculty of disciplines for. However, do not allow these disciplines or rather these forces that shape society to dictate to you what you mean.

You are a free being, that much I am sure of. You may pretend to not be, and others may pretend you are enslaved, but the fact remains, that those are all temporary malfunctions, distortions to bend you into a certain shape to uphold some system, big or small, and there are many of these systems running at all times.

I don’t want to condemn the ‘system’ either, that’s not the problem here. The problem is more so, being unable to separate your definition of yourself from the definition given to you by these systems. They can only control you in so far as you allow them to define your nature. But, the moment you realize your true nature, which is something so vast and unexplainably complex, will you realize that no matter what label they attach to your being, will never stick. Any label that is attached to you cannot remain once you remove the sticky part of the label. It’s just gonna keep on falling off.

Well guess what that means? It means that you are truly free. Free of social labeling, shaping, and restricting ideas that you once believed had to be you. No. They can be aspects of you, sure, but they are not ‘you’. They are not you as much as they are not me. They are just placeholders until we finally realize that they are just there to hold out until we find that they simply lack the power to faze us. That’s why the world fears free thinkers. Free thinkers understand the fundamental premise of their existence, that is, that they are free to think of the world as they please. That no government, no religion, no person, no belief system, not even science can control their thoughts. Since they have that principle in their mind now, who can dictate to them what to think and what not to think?

How can anyone take away their freedom by using labels, when those labels mean nothing more than words used to control them? They simply disassociate with those labels, and the label givers immediately lose all power to control them. THAT is the importance of realizing on your own, that freedom is not something given to you. Freedom is not something you can demand, extract, or take away. You are freedom, and that’s the biggest lesson yet.

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