Dress Your Own Way- Day 68

Dress to impress?
No, I dress to destress
Dress your own way, be your own empress

My fashion is in style,
My whole life spent in guile,
But Imma make waves with a conscientious smile

Tried to follow styles that weren’t made to last,
But all of that was me trying to change my past

Now I’m not afraid of the style that I adorn
Even my society can’t hold me to the norm

So many lifestyles I tried before I came back,
So please excuse me for not being on track

I’m an experiential learner but my pace ain’t slow,
Sometimes I gotta live through things so I can grow

My mentality on life isn’t made of stone
It changes with time as I change my tone

I may appear as a lost soul to you,
But what do you know about the journey I went through?

It takes time to integrate these memories
Because inward growth can feel like centuries

My life’s worth isn’t so clear to me,
But I know it’s special cuz it’s meant to be

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