Love & Truth - Day 98

I picked a card, and out came “Justice”,
It looks hot and heavy just lie a furnace

Biddy Tarot says, “Justice is about the search for truth”,
I say it’s time to tune in and bring back my youth

Intellectualizing made my feel so empty
My brain grew big as my heart sealed entry

No love to be found in the path of fears
Many lies that I told to hold back the tears

It’s truth that has the power to pierce through fear
And the truth is that I also need love and care

Of the wear and tear, I sure got my share
But now I need to be my own grizzly bear

I got tested on faith, as I questioned my path
I feel things harder, just like a pained empath

I needed to be shown the path of surrender
So I could live a life where I’m not afraid of being tender

A life well lived is a life filled with love
I think that’s the essence of the One above

Love is divine and the divine is love in action
So why hold back in fear & feel contraction?

If the world was made from love and light,
Then I’d love to partake and take full delight

In this universe and its endless mysteries
The sunshine that wipes away your miseries,

The rainy days after a heat wave,
The warm fire inside a cold cave

The good food that you can digest,
The abundance of nature at its best

The raw beauty of the ocean and hills
The raw talents in us that can pay our bills

The angst and glee of melancholy
The ever present truth of polarity

Where ends meet is where lovers sit,
Truth is love, and to love we must submit

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