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Taking online class at UoPeople while working full-time is not easy. I am not even attending the university full-time. I am already taking only one course per term whereas a full-time student can take up to four courses per term.

This term I am taking Basic Accounting (BUS1102). From my personal experience, it is different from the other courses I have taken. Instead of reading one chapter per week, I am assigned to read two chapters a week. That's a lot of reading for me.

I am not a fast reader. My current reading pace is 2 pages in 25 minutes which is 4 pages per hour with a 10 minutes break in between. On average, a chapter has around 70 pages meaning I can comprehensively read 4 pages in an hour. Therefore, I need 17.5 hours to cover 1 chapter, and 35 hours for two chapters which is 5 hours a day for a full week.

To read at a college level is not always fun especially for me because I don't really enjoy the reading. Instead, I need to consciously force myself to read. Also, my reading comprehension is still weak. Part of the reason that I don't enjoy reading is also I have not built reading habit.

At the moment, following retrieval method and space repetition consumes a lot more time and feel longer. They get me anxious and thinking if college course was too hard for me, if I were going to make it, or if I should give up already. I think it could take time for me to become fluent and improve my reading comprehesion. I need to just stick to it and trust the process believing that it is best for the long run. I need to get comfortable with the feeling of anxiety and be patient.

I hope that by discipline myself to read actively integrating active retrieval method and space repetition into my reading, I will be able to improve. Respect to those who perform well in college as a full-time or part-time student.

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