Made up my mind. Became less motivated.

I decided to not continue working with an agriculture cooperative (AC), which I am working for, after my contract with Cambodia Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture is over at the end of 2022. I want to start my own regenerative farm.

Having made up my mind on this matter, I become less motivated to work on the lemongrass project with the AC in the moment. I am not excited anymore. Now the tasks have become purely my responsibilities to fulfill well. My body is still in the AC, but my mind has already gone. Now it is more exciting to think about and plan what I am going to do next to start-up my regenerative farm business.

Coming back to the AC after Khmer New Year today, I didn't feel motivated or excited at all. I was worried about how I am going to successfully start lemongrass business here in the AC. I was a bit stuck with what to do next with the producer groups.

Luckily, a member called me at lunch time to discuss about what he should do with his current lemongrass farm. He asked me to have a look. I didn't expect him to call. Hence, I was a bit hesitated responding to his request because I was just finishing my lunch, and it is literally mid-day, but I said, "Yes", anyway. I went to his farm and spent a whole afternoon helping him regrow his lemongrass.

This event gives me an idea of what I am going to do next and how I am going to approach my day-to-day work. From now on, my work will focus on helping those members, who have already grown the lemongrass, take care of their lemongrass and those, who have not grown, start growing. Apart from that, I will help the AC to do monthly accounting and improve their business administration system. The rest of my working hours will be used to empower Lyka and Phally, my coworkers, to able handle these jobs when I am gone.

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