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My current comprehensive reading pace is 4 pages in an hour.

Comprehensive Reading. I read comprehensively by stopping frequently and asking what I have just read (almost after finishing every paragraph). I also take note on the margin of the text book for better understanding. I use digital drawing board to take note on a digital textbook.

From this data, I can calculate how many hours I need to spend each week (7 days) to cover all the reading material (assigned number of chapter). This can allow me to strategically plan out my week and be aware of how many hour I need to spend each day.

This term I took only one course,
"Basic Accounting BUS1102", but it is different from the other courses I have taken. In this course, I am assigned to read 2 chapters for each week. Two chapters consist of about 170 pages. Hence, for week 2, I need to spend in total 42.4 hours to cover all the pages in the 2 chapters meaning I need to spend at least 6.06 hours a day to read.

I hope that through practicing and sticking to the "active recall" and "space repetition" method, I will be able to increase my comprehensive reading pace to 8 pages an hour. Then I only need to spend 21.26 hours to cover two chapters which equivalent to 3.04 hours per day for 7 days.

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