200107 - God created everything


☝ The truth,

  • the ultimate truth
  • The holy truth
  • the source of revealed truth
    • tangible
    • abstract
    • and on and on ⤵

Peace. Hope your Gregorian calendar 2020 is off to a good start.


I have what might seem like an obvious point, yet it's a new appreciation for one small part of [ayat 29 from chapter 2][🗣] of the Quran.

He is the One who has created for you all that is on the earth, then He attended to the heaven and has made it seven heavens, and He is aware of all things.

When you look around, even at our built environments, like this phone, the glass screen on the phone, the tables, the floors, "the modern world" and what really appears "artificial" relative to say a beautiful tree outside, speaking for myself, I forget that yes, these substances were created. That is, they emerged from somewhere certainly not by us humans.

In chapter 55 ayat 4, God reminds us,

He taught him how to distinguish.

If you look up [different translations][📑] for this verse, you'll see all sorts of ideas because translators have a tough time with this one.

God seems to be reminding us of those uncontroversial unique human faculty types of things like "language" and "speech", and "faculties of cognition" etc.

Plus, in chapter 96, God says in ayat 3, 4 and 5

  • Read, and your Lord is the Generous One.
  • The One who taught by the pen.
  • He taught the human being what he did not know.

Taken together, and going back to 2:29, yes, God did create everything. God is the ultimate initiator.

  • Not just of the substances and elements we see and employ ⤵
    • The blessed among us anyway
  • But also the language, and cognitive capabilities, right down the words we opt to use

They were taught to us, including the mechanics of naming by someone who knows more, and ultimately by the One who is wise, and knowing.




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