191109 - Moses and confronting fears

As'salaam | the source of peace, to you | u'Alykum.

Simple reflection.

  • Had a really nice meeting with a few friends. Quran types. ๐Ÿ’•โ™ฅ

The predictability we experience, the laws and such, are a mercy from God. Imagine Moses having to pick up the staff, which became a snake, at night time. Recall, he thought he would bring back some news from the light that caught his attention.

One recurring theme in the Quran is getting comfortable with confronting fears.

Moses, God shows us in the Quran, confronted lots and LOTS of fears and issues throughout his life and career.


  • Many of us live "stable" lives
    • Not much drama such as war and other types of depravity
  • Many of us experience disruption
    • I would think almost all of us do at some point โคต
    • |If you live long enough that is โคต
    • At the very least, you age, your body changes, your social life changes, etc
  • In other words,
    • We've been blessed to experience stability and probably something along the other end of the continuum
    • | Caution โคต
    • The life of Moses is a good example of the bizarre, in one's everyday life โคต
    • There are different stories of him in the Quran, doing different sorts of things โคต
    • Apart from his "special" baby experience and the trippy sea parting stuff, he had to deal with the mundane... โคต
    • Dealing with people who simply would not accept the wonders he witnessed
    • The good news is that lots of people did accept

This reflection is based in 28:29 [from the Quran][๐Ÿ“œ].



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