191025 - Tarteel and staying up at night


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u'Alykum (to you)

Thanks for visiting. Iff God wills, you'll learn about tarteel, at the very least my understanding of the term. I understand it in two ways [as of today][📺],

  • One, the [melodious reciting of the Qur'an][🌊]
  • Two, the [gathering of ayat in clusters for some reason][👶] you feel inspired | my current understanding

I learnt about tarteel back in my university days.

I was subscribed to this Sunni Islam website that had all sorts of scholars and recordings. Incidentally, it may have been here where heard Abdul Basit for the first time. It was incredibly inspiring to say the least.

I had the opportunity of sampling different reciters in my university days, and Imam Sadullah Khan and Imam Abdul Basit's renditions of the Quran appealed to me. May God bless them and others who continue to share it.

I had an Afghani brother who now manages projects in Afghanistan teach me something super important about reciting the Quran, and it was this: the Quran is not a song. There's a line between reciting the Quran and singing it.

[Thoughts?][💬]. I would welcome it.

On a personal note ⤵

Turns out that Mohammad, God's prophet, like, the real deal, recited the Quran, basically in bits and pieces during his 40s. God bless him, and the folks with him, and the other prophets back in the day.

Get that? His 40s. It's slightly hilarious and freakin scary. Muhammad had to keep this Quran "in memory" so-called. And had to deal with all the wild trips that constituted his second career into his 60s, we're told. Serious wild trips. Had to have been in the LSD or worse category | I see no other explanation for now, Al'hamdulilah, and God is the best to guide.

I don't know about you, 23 years seems like a short time. And, a really long time.

Today, I learnt how to pronounce "suh-boo-du". All I know, at the moment, is this phrase/sound appears somewhere in Chapter 2 of the Quran, and there's a Chapter 53 connection. I don't know what it means yet.

That's something I ought to be content with for now.

Do you want to live into your 60s?

I ask God that my loved ones, my munchkin, the nice folks from my circle, and I, incorporate this recital called the Quran into our lives so we experience what a Psalm says about, I'm paraphrasing, "waking up with God", [now and beyond][🗻].

[To God belongs the end and the beginning][].

Salah, selah, salat?

👋 Bog.


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