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Thanks for visiting. The Quran alone community has good reason for skepticism around the word "salah" or "salat" as it relates to ritualized Islam.

Some from the Quran alone espouse a practice of not following the Sunni 5 daily salah ritual. Note, salah, not "prayer".

Why? Because the Quran only talks about 3 salah as it relates to a routine, and of course, dhikr allah or recollecting God is strongly recommended by God no less, as well as David if you've read the first few lines of chapter 1 of the Psalms, [translating into English][📖],

  • Blessed is the one,
  • ...
  • whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on His law, day and night.

| Side note, I was informed this ☝ "law" is "sharia"

One issue in the healthy discussion around Salah revolves around sujud, which is often translated as prostrate, yield, submit and so on; with prostrate being common, and God knows best.

Where am I going with all of this?

The word "Salah" or "Salat" in the Quran is not mentioned together with "Sujud". Yet the practice of ritualized Islam prominently features a prostration yoga move, which is understood as "a sujud".

  • I have zero problem with that interpretation.

Indeed, it makes sense to me, as it relates to [53:1][🌠] and [53:62][🍂]. That heavenly bodies move, apart from being fascinating, this is a sujud. That my chin should fall to the floor is totally fine, and indeed, is the literal translation of sujud. I don't have a citation unfortunately. However, iff God wills, I'll do you one better. Here is brother Yaseen from Quran Centric breaking down the term [Sujud][💧] for us.

More [2¢ here][📺], and I welcome [your thoughts][💬].

On a personal note ⤵

Salah, to me, has an obvious connection to the term selah which you will find sprinkled around in the book of Psalms. Considering these are Semitic languages I'm almost certain | and I'm no expert. I would love to hear or watch a YouTube video from someone familiar with this Arabic root word methodology stuff share a bit on Selah.


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