191109 - Is the earth flat? Does it matter? Are you cozy?


☝ The cherisher,

  • the sustainer
  • The Lord
  • the teacher
    • who taught the zeebras to run
    • and babies language
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As'salaam | the source of peace
to you | to you


The earth is our habitat. God be praised. I have had the very good fortune of growing up in tropical climate, and the unbelievably good fortune of living in #Canada. The social issues are awful, here and there, however, the expanse of God's earth is something to behold.

[God uses][🗣] the word firoshan or carpet to describe our shared earth. True? Of course. What's your cozy configuration? My daughter has her preferences. And the [lovely folks][] I've had the opportunity of meeting have theirs. And, yes, I have mine. God is kind.

God is also the Lord of the [belt of orion][🚥] that you might see in the sky. And in Chapter 53 of the Quran, God reminds us that Sirius, the brightest star, is presided over by the rabb'il'Allameen | or Cherisher and sustainer of all worlds.

And then, there's this duniya, or "the world". In [this reflection][📺], the reminder for me is yes, the earth is as real as the soil under your feet, and the illusion before your eyes is something to watch for. That God has calibrated the heavenly bodies precisely as God claims in Chapter 55 of the Quran, ought to give our souls rest.

[Thoughts?][💬]. I would welcome it.

On a personal note ⤵

Why then do we debate so much? Why the unrest? It is well with my soul.

God reminds us in Chapter [2:257][🛋] that transitioning from the depths of darkness into the light is by God, for those who don't willfully confound "truth" with "falsehood" so to speak.

May God grant you, my munchkin, your loved ones and mine, the pleasure of His [Light][📖] now and beyond.

👋 Bog.


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