Desiring - to have, to be, to attain, to pursue, to acquire, to achieve, to enhance - is a result of egoic thinking.

Desiring is ego, and ego produces the compulsive, grasping, insecure aspects of mind.

This is all illusory, a chase that will send us running and running to destination after destination without end. We will acquire, and when we do we'll be momentarily satisfied and then deeply unsatisfied again, bringing us right back to ourselves before launching out again.

The self/awareness and the arising of form. Desiring is the pursuit of form in a mad chase around and around until we're left where we started, only now with more or less stuff.

Egoic thinking makes us believe that attaining the objects of desire will fulfill us. This is its nature, and it is a delusion. The desired objects once obtained will not fulfill, and will soon be replaced by other desired objects. Losing that which was acquired will also not diminish; this is another delusion. Desiring to have, to cling to and grasp, all are ultimately self defeating and drain life force - the love and joy from our being - and take us away from our inner oneness with the present moment, the only true source of inexhaustible, timeless and unconditional joy and peace.

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