Returning to our natural, deprogrammed state of consciousness isn't the result of teaching but unlearning, not attaining but losing. A stripping and falling away of conditioned ideas, beliefs and patterns until all is held in primordial truth.

Enlightenment as a concept must exist because of the conditioning we received from those who came before us, from cultures and societies lost in their own convoluted mind structures. Without these societies there would be no enlightenment. Many of those raised outside of them must see it as obvious, and our desperate seeking of it comical and absurd.

Practices like meditation, solitude, mindfulness, a vigilant dedication to self-observation and inquiry are maintained by those seeking it in order to move beyond the confines of egoic societal structures. These methods help to anchor attention in unconditioned awareness and out of the labyrinthine corridors of the conditioned mind; the names, games, mazes, treadmills and mirages we've been inundated with since birth. Again and again the methods can be used to lead one back to the spaciousness of unconditioned awareness.

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